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2000 Light Years Away
I can look.
I can feel.
I can even touch, but never have.
And that's what makes me sad.
Even on cold nights like that,
this bed never seemed so wide.
We are so close,
so far.
I can even touch, but never have.
what makes me sad.
Because she's away.
2000 light years away.
Her body is all mine, but her mind
is away.
2000 light years away.
:iconmrtls:mrTLS 14 7
The Tomorrows Seller
It was supposed to be a double-date.
The time has passed and we were still only three.
I didn't want to be alone that day.
So the random was in charge of fixing things.
That's how I failed to know "someone", to know "that one".
That one who would change my life.
I usually stay cool in any situation.
But she was beautiful.
She was beautiful too much.
I was scared.
I would need more than all my luck and good words to have her to me.
That's what I thought in that moment.
And It was in that moment that I started my future career.
The tomorrows seller.
I already said that she was beautiful too much?
She would never be interested in me anyway.
So I sold a bit of my personality just to buy a bit of another one.
Make her interested in me, of course.
Some dating.
Our first picture together.
Some chocolates.
A letter, a rose and good feelings.
Everything inside of my dear little wooden box.
What did she say? You must be asking to yourself.
She said yes.
And then we wer
:iconmrtls:mrTLS 18 6
ID 2 by mrTLS ID 2 :iconmrtls:mrTLS 4 3
Makes us better and forces us to grow up.
When you see, you are stronger, smarter, tougher, evolved.
Today you say: heartbroken.
One day you'll say:
:iconmrtls:mrTLS 20 3
I never said dirty words.
Now they are all expecting good manners.
:iconmrtls:mrTLS 18 5
As if we were sunflowers.
It was the most beautiful setting sun of my life.
The lights, the colors,
the fire, the clouds.
Where did everyone go?
I could swear they were all over there.
Walking, working, dating,
having a good time.
Am I dreaming and I don't know?
Every that I loved,
Every that I hated,
Every that I did not know,
Where did everyone go?
Where? I keep wondering.
Where? As if I didn't already know the answer.
Where? I should really leave this place, but.
Where? Where should I go?
I run away just to maybe forget all of them.
I begin to scream and scream just to maybe destroy everything.
I'm freaking out and it's easy to see.
I'm losing my voice, in the city of silence.
This used to be the best city that once existed.
People, houses,
trees, flowers.
I know where everyone went.
I saw them leaving this place one by one.
Tired, pained, desolate,
Will they return?
Every that I loved,
Every that I hated,
Every that I did not know,
I know where did everyone go.
They are all from under the bed.
:iconmrtls:mrTLS 25 9
You are the scourge of society
I'm the scourge of society.
I have nothing in my pockets,
no one beside me,
and I'm talking to myself.
Walking, planning, hating.
I'm leaving this place,
with a fixed idea in my head.
"I'll be back."
I tried to do it the right way.
I tried, I swear.
But they think we are unimportant too much.
And it makes me mad.
Because they are laughing now.
Dressed on our sweat.
Stepping on our hopes.
With their pockets full of our money.
You can watch.
But I want you follow me.
A bit of disorder will make us feel better.
Tell your friends.
I'm the scourge of society.
Don't give me attention.
Give me revolution.
It's all I need for now.
Look around, you can't see.
But I'll be your eyes.
Just be my arms,
and then I'll gave you a good reason to fight.
We are being robbed.
We are being fooled.
We are being manipulated.
Not anymore, not with us.
Because we are marching.
With good hearts and good feelings.
No fear, no regrets.
For a better future.
We are marching.
With a beautiful song leading us.
Make u
:iconmrtls:mrTLS 20 15
Don't let her whisper your name.
I would be lying if I said I forgot.
Lying, if I said I don't want to feel it again.
It's irresistible.
It's uncontrollable.
It's almost unexplainable.
It's our dance.
I never had to teach.
She never needed to learn.
The synchrony was always perfect.
From the first second to the last one.
Every single time.
A simple touch,
a simple breath,
a simple desire,
and the world would explode.
So we were in a universe apart.
Dancing, an unknown song.
We never rehearsed it, it never went wrong.
It's just like I said.
The synchrony was always perfect.
As if we could feel each other.
As if we were created for each other.
Do you believe in fate?
I don't, but I thought about it.
But don't matter.
Not anymore.
We got lost in the middle of the way.
And we just carry on, as if nothing happened.
I admit it.
We never got along well with our mouths open.
We never agree on any decision.
We never take similar lifestyles.
She used to drive me crazy.
In whatever she said.
In whatever she did.
We were totally
:iconmrtls:mrTLS 179 55
Say Good Night.
I'm not listening to them,
but they are saying.
Take a breath and relax,
everything is gonna be alright.
They are always saying,
words of a good future.
But I got a feeling.
Nothing is gonna be alright.
If you look at me,
you will notice.
I'm sure.
Just let me sleep.
'cause when I sleep.
I dream.
And when I dream.
I am happy.
Happy 'cause I know new places out of here.
Happy 'cause the people are as it should be.
Happy 'cause sometimes you're still with me.
If you look at me,
you will notice.
I will be smiling.
Just let me sleep,
and maybe then, everything is gonna be alright.
Say good night.
:iconmrtls:mrTLS 21 12
The same same.
Sitting like a king,
but unwilling to give orders.
Just staring the reality.
Over and over again.
I want to leave,
but I can not move.
So I hear the sounds.
Over and over again.
The same sounds.
The same voices.
The same places.
The same same.
I dream awake,
while I wait for you.
It's my best hobby,
when the time is trying to kill me.
Come quick,
and do something.
This torture is destroying me.
Over and over again.
The same sounds.
The same voices.
The same places.
The same same.
Come quick.
And destroy everything around me.
And build everything around me.
I will smile of pleasure.
Make me feel good.
Make me bleed, I don't care.
I need a new something.
This torture is getting me crazy.
I'm tired of the same same.
These people only do the same same.
The same same, the same same.
Over and over again.
Get me out of here.
:iconmrtls:mrTLS 9 3
Life is destroying us.
Even trying,
I can not remember.
When was the last time I made a new real friend?
Even trying,
I can not remember.
In my dreams,
in almost all,
There are the ones who are untouchable.
Even if I wanted,
I could not replace them.
It's amazing how some few people,
make you feel how if you don't need anyone else.
It's sad when the time and age,
force you to march in the main road.
Don't forget our plans and dreams.
For they are the last things that can keep us together.
Life is destroying us.
Don't forget our plans and dreams.
I'm not crazy,
I don't dream too much.
I just think we're too good for this whole thing.
We are diferent,
And you know that.
I don't want to march,
not as a soldier of society.
And right now that things were getting better.
Don't let me die,
not without at least trying.
It's amazing how some few people,
make you feel so comfortable on any place.
It's sad when the time and age,
force you to leave your best friends.
Don't forget our plans and dreams.
For they are the l
:iconmrtls:mrTLS 18 18
I'm looking for... by mrTLS I'm looking for... :iconmrtls:mrTLS 6 2
Tired of being alone.
Is there anyone?
Anyone who can hear me?
Anyone who can understand me?
I would not hurt you.
I'm not a bad person.
So let me find you, please.
'cause I'm tired of being alone.
I've been alone all this time.
Since I began to think about you.
Maybe that makes me special.
But I don't want to be special.
So let me find you, please.
'cause I have questions.
And you are the answer.
Maybe even my meaning of life.
I don't care how you look like.
I don't care what language you speak.
If you don't want to come over here.
At least send me a sign of hope.
Anyway, I'll be searching for you.
As far as time and space may allow me to.
I won't ever forget you.
I won't ever give up on you.
And if you want to find me.
I live in a very beautiful place out there.
We call it "The Blue Planet".
We are billions here,
but we're tired of being alone.
:iconmrtls:mrTLS 25 10
She won't be here tomorrow.
In this world,
there are two kinds of people.
Those who see,
and those who feel.
She is beautiful.
She is too beautiful.
But I wouldn't dare to say.
She has heard it all before.
She already lived it all before.
Yes, I know.
She is beautiful.
And she has the power.
You would not resist.
You will say: "Who is that one?"
I will say: "I don't know!"
It's better that way.
Because she is beautiful,
but she cries.
She always cries.
It's what her smile says.
She had problems.
She has problems.
But for now,
she just wanna burn this place.
Her world is not here.
Not with these people.
She deserves something better
and she knows that.
She is leaving us.
Maybe forever.
She didn't need to say
because I know it.
Since the first time I saw her.
I knew she would be here today,
and she won't be here tomorrow.
I always knew it.
I'm the kind who feels.
:iconmrtls:mrTLS 72 27
Make us eternal.
Make us eternal.
'cause I can't do this,
and I don't have more time,
but I trust you.
Make us eternal.
'cause I can't take you with me,
and I can't take my dreams either,
then I ask you.
Make us eternal.
'cause it was a beautiful life,
and can't disappear that way,
so I beg you.
Make us eternal.
'cause we deserve this,
for the good moments,
and for the bad ones too.
Make us a promise.
Smile our comedy,
cry our tragedy,
tell our story.
Make us eternal.
:iconmrtls:mrTLS 16 9
Tired of being alone by mrTLS Tired of being alone :iconmrtls:mrTLS 14 10

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Sleep. Don't Weep.
I could never fight my own tears.
I cannot wipe yours.
But I promise you I will not ask anything.
I could never get over my own fears.
I cannot fight yours.
But I promise you I will be there when you come back.
Because we are the same.
We both feel and we both cry.
We both love and we both write.
I can tell what you are going through
because I have been there too.
And I promise you I would never lie.
It has been hard for you, I know,
but I cannot promise you things will get better.
Things never got better for me.
It is just that I don't cry anymore.
I cannot roll back those tears,
but I can show you some happy songs,
take you to the movies
and show you my favorite clouds.
I might even write a poem about you,
but you will have to find out
who it is about by yourself.
(I will make it obvious, don't worry!).
So, if you want it, I am here.
And I will stay here for a while.
Now, sleep. Dream.
And don't worry.
Tomorrow will be a better day.
You will see...
:iconpabloalmeidaff9:pabloalmeidaff9 25 13
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Stepping on Flowers
As I hide in the dark,
whispers from an unreachable world can touch me.
Enveloped sadness,
striking me like light.
I embrace them.
And it is like stepping on flowers.
Like sipping rain.
Like stealing a diary's loose pages
inside a hurricane.
But the words you gave to me
are just leftovers.
I held onto them
because they are the all I know,
and I know it is foolish to ask for more.
And it is sad that this will not make me anymore sad,
sad that I got used to the sadness you bring.
And there is no use in telling you.
You probably already know.
Because you know every corner of my soul.
I cannot hide from you.
Even when I want to.
:iconpabloalmeidaff9:pabloalmeidaff9 6 7
                     She walks like there isn't anything wrong, like the things that have
            happened to her really didn't.
                    you're soft cooings and what you think were helpful pep talks have
            all gone down the drain.
                     For weeks you watched her slip away - withdrawing into her ink black, slippery
                    you tried to h
:iconmisssarah15:MissSarah15 5 6
Butterflies ---AkuRoku fic---
- You know, Axel...
- What?
- I really didn't mean to hurt you or to let you down.
- Don't worry, I understand your reasons.
- It's not personal, you know...
- I get it, man. After all, if I can't have every little piece of you,
I'd better having nothing but our friendship. And this friendship is the most important thing I ever had,
you know? I don't wanna throw it away for something I don't really need. You could've lied to me.
We could've been together, but that's not like me. And you know that.
And you know you've made the right decision.
- I don't know...
- What you feel is far more important than what I feel.
- Axel...
- You have a heart, Roxas. You might think you don't, but you do.
- Hey...
- You never loved me, but you loved him. You don't need to be afraid of saying it.
- Axel. Just listen, please!
- Allright...
- What I felt for him was not real. It was foolish to think that I could love someone. We don't have hearts, and we probably can't love. He... Sora... the boy from my
:iconpabloalmeidaff9:pabloalmeidaff9 17 14
i'm just being dramatic again
she tastes of cunts and strawberries and
hopelessness, and she knows all too well that
things will never go her way, because god seems
to have it out for beautiful people (like her) and she knows
that no amount of chocolate chip cookies, and unrealistic
crime shows will fix things this time.
                                                                                         you have such a pretty
:icondreamingyournitemare:dreamingyournitemare 12 19
They say it is the wind
She wakes up early in the morning.
The sunlight in her face is her alarm clock.
And, before getting up,
she writes the dreams she had in a notebook.
I wonder why.
She changes her hair everyday.
She does not seem to like repeating herself.
Sometimes, she uses a flower on her ear.
Sometimes, she draws butterflies on her shoulders.
She is unpredictable like that.
She is often looking up.
They say she loves to watch the clouds,
the moon, the stars, the airplanes and the birds.
Sometimes, she closes her eyes and smiles for no reason.
They say it is the wind.
She takes photographs.
Often and randomly.
Of buses, buildings, kids, grass...
And she never uses flash.
It is too artificial, they say.
She does not dance to every song but,
when she dances, she means it.
Eyes closed, singing, laughing...
You can call her if you wish.
She will not listen.
The music takes her to a place that only she knows.
And, when she gets home, she writes.
About love, stars and unreachable things.
No one knows who i
:iconpabloalmeidaff9:pabloalmeidaff9 13 28




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